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The carpentry workshop founded by Fritz Prenneis laid the cornerstone for the present furniture factory which now employs 100 people.



Start of serial production. The first products go into serial production.



The real expansion policy begins when the company is taken over by Rudolf and Gertraud Prenneis.


The inclusion of teenagers´ bedroom furniture in  the manufacturing range sets the course for the company´s future success.



Continuous expansion – the company now has 70 employees and continuously growing production facilities.


Acquisition of another 15,000 m² plant in Frankenburg (Upper Austria) under the management board of Thomas Prenneis.



The company moves into a new administrative building in Ampflwang.



Thomas Prenneis take over the management board of the whole company.


In September 2006 was finished the largest extension in the company history. A triply enlarged showroom in Ampflwang, additional production facilities and a new administrative building. Through its continuous development over the last years PRENNEIS has become a true European company with production facilities in Ampflwang totaling 25,000 m² with another 15,000 m² in Frankenburg, many of whom have been with the company for a long time.


Company take over between brother and sister Thomas Prenneis and Mag. Marion Muhr-Prenneis.


Prenneis Frankenburg: A new commercial packaging hall has been built as well as a new production machine was installed.



Prenneis Frankenburg: A new distribution hall has been built.

Prenneis Ampflwang: A new truck switsching- and container place has been built.





Switching production to individual batches. This is just another way in which we are continuing to modernise our production processes and increase efficiency. As a result, Prenneis has greater flexibility when making products for its customers. Furthermore, less warehouse space is required, meaning the Frankenburg site can be integrated back into the main site at Ampflwang.




Start of individual batch production in Ampflwang.